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Beech Stave Press

is proud to announce the publication of its latest title:

Tavet Tat Satyam

Studies in Honor of Jared S. Klein on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday

Edited by

Andrew Miles Byrd, Jessica DeLisi, and Mark Wenthe

Pp. xx + 372, ISBN 978-0-9895142-3-1

Cloth, $70.00 (web price), $100.00 (list price)

This volume honors the Indologist and Indo-Europeanist Jared S. Klein with almost three dozen essays ranging over a wealth of Indo-Iranian and other Indo-European topics. Internationally renowned scholars such as Gary Beckman, Bernhard Forssman, Stephanie Jamison, Martin Kümmel, Elizabeth Tucker, and Chlodwig Werba have all contributed the fruits of their cutting-edge research as a fitting and lasting tribute to the honorand. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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