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is proud to announce the publication of its latest title:

Sahasram Ati Srajas

Indo-European and Indo-Iranian Studies in Honor of Stephanie W. Jamison

Edited by

Dieter Gunkel, Joshua T. Katz, Brent Vine, and Michael Weiss

Pp. xxii + 515, ISBN 978-0-9895142-2-4

Cloth, $85.00 (web price), $130.00 (list price)

The renowned Indologist and Indo-Europeanist Stephanie W. Jamison has now been honored with this extensive collection of essays by colleagues and students from around the world. The contributors represent a virtual whos-who of Indo-Iranian and Indo-European scholarship and have produced contributions on everything from Vedic (e.g., Joel Brereton, George Cardona, Paul Kiparsky, Thomas Oberlies) to later Sanskrit (e.g. James Fitzgerald, Hans Henrich Hock, Ted Proferes) to Iranian (e.g. Mark Hale, P. Oktor Skjrv) to other Indo-European languages (e.g. Dieter Gunkel, Martin Joachim Kmmel, Alan Nussbaum, Don Ringe, Michael Weiss). The volume also includes posthumously published articles by Lisi Oliver and Martin West. In all, these scholars have provided a worthy and rich tribute to a scholar whose own rich scholarship has been so vital to numerous subfields of linguistics, literary, religious, and cultural studies. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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