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Outline of the Historical and Comparative Grammar of Latin

Second Edition


Michael Weiss

Pp. xviii + 636 ISBN 978-9895142-7-9

Paperback, pp. xvi + 695

Price: $85.00

This celebrated work by one of the foremost experts in Indo-European and Classical linguistics is now available in a fully revised second edition, thoroughly updated and corrected with over fifty pages of new material. The Outline's forty-five chapters offer a wealth of knowledge for both the generalist and the specialist in their treatment of the development of Latin from its earliest prehistoric origins down to the modern Romance languages. Not only covering the language's phonological, morphological, and syntactic prehistory in great depth, they also include important subsidiary topics like language contact and Etruscan. Basic information is presented in concise outline format in the main text and is augmented by countless additional details that populate the footnotes. The book concludes with an extensive bibliography followed by complete indices of forms, ancient sources, and subjects.

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